Cheesemakers, is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in the specialty cheese industry. We are the home of Jaimito Mexican Style Cheeses, and Lone Star Chevre. Jaimito Mexican Style Cheese, with their south of the border recipes, are the authentic cheeses your recipes call for. In addition, Lone Star Chevre (fresh goat cheese) has a wonderfully buttery, smooth taste that you wonít find anywhere else!

Cheesemakers products are available nationwide and is in stock, ready to ship daily through the nationsí first and largest redistributor DOT Foods. Cheesemakers is proud to be associated with this major player in the food industry. Find all of our Jaimito Mexican Style Cheeses and Lone Star Chevre at your favorite restaurant and deli markets around the nation.


Excellent customer service is at the core of Cheesemakers values. We strive to take care of all our customers with prompt and friendly service. Call or email and let our staff help you with our Jaimito Mexican Style Cheese and Lone Star Chevre today!

Satisfy your hungry family with delicious Cheesemakers recipes.

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Cheese Talk

Cheesemakers on the Road
by Cheesemaker on 
Come see us in Florida. Cheesemakers is at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show Sep. 27-29 Booth 1812. Taste all of our Jaimito and Lone Star Cheeses.